Our selection procedure

In order to ensure the choice of the best candidate for the SJSO, the following hiring procedure is in planned:

Autumn 2023

The application form has been available until the end of January 2024.

July 2024

You will be informed by the end of July 2024 whether you are invited for a conducting trial

November 2024

Six to eight conducting trials will take place in November 2024


The most promising candidates will be invited to conduct the orchestra for a complete ‘trial tour’, allowing for the comprehensive evaluation of their artistic and pedagogic capabilities. This entails a one week rehersal with the orchestra, followed by a concert tour through switzerland.

Currently two trial tours are planned, one in spring and one in autumn 2026, although this may change.

After the trial tours a candidate will be chosen.


The tenure of our new Principal Conductor will begin in 2027 or by arrangement